Culture + Community: Social Practice and the City

2013 Oct 25 - 11:30am - 2013 Oct 26 - 7:00pm

I will be giving a presentation on the second day of this conference at Emily Carr University, Vancouver BC.

DAY 1:    
8:30 – 4:15pm, Creative Time Summit Live-stream Screening
7pm: Ted Purves Keynote Lecture

Creative Time: Art, Place and Dislocation in the 21st Century
The Creative Time Summit on October 25 and 26, at NYU is the 5th annual conference advancing Creative Time’s critical efforts to provide meaningful opportunities for social and community engaged artists to explore new ideas, expand their practice, and play a role in shaping a more just world. CTS is the only regularly scheduled conference devoted to exploring the intersection of art-making and social justice.

Tapping into an international debate, this year’s Summit provides a platform for consideration of the artistic practices, campaigns, and theories, as well as the practicalities, that accompany the increasingly widespread belief that culture, for good or bad, is an ingredient in the making and re-making of cities. Indeed, from monumental sculpture, to arts districts, to battles over housing, art has for decades been a critical element of changes to the world’s urban fabric.

The Summit will bring together artists, architects, planners, politicians, activists, and theorists from Colombia, Lebanon, Netherlands, the United States, Zimbabwe, and many other places to present their work on this topic, exploring the ways in which cultural production might address issues like gentrification, racialized urbanism, withstanding environmental catastrophe, and poverty, and addressing such topics as bottom-up urban planning.

8:30 AM
Introduction & Opening Remarks
Anne Pasternak
Nato Thompson
8:45 AM
Mario Ybarra Jr.
9 AM
Keynote Presentation
Neil Brenner
9:50 AM
Making a Place
Moderated by Gregory Sholette
The term place-making has swept grant- making organizations as well as city governments hoping to use the arts to make cities more “vibrant.” What are productive models to consider when thinking about the making of place through culture? What are its limitations?
Jenenne Whitfield, Heidelberg Project
John Fetterman?
Anne Gadwa Nicodemus
Lize Mogel?
Robert Bedoya
10:55 AM - BREAK
11:05 PM
In Conversation: Rick Lowe and Nato Thompson
11:35 PM:
Regional Report: Turkey: Fulya Erdemci

11:40 am
My Brooklyn
Moderated by Risë Wilson
In the contentious debate on development in NYC, no borough is featured more prominently in the stories of gentrification than Brooklyn. This section uses the borough as a case study to consider the specifics of resistance, place-making and overall use of culture in the transformation of a place many call home.
Kelly Anderson
Michael Premo
Steve Powers
Rylee Eterginoso & Elissa Blount-Moorhead, on Weeksville Heritage Center
12:45 PM
Short film
12:50 PM
Regional Report: South Africa: Marcus Neustetter, The Trinity Session
1:10 PM
1:25 PM
Built from the Ground Up
Moderated by Joshua Decter
Urban development is not always “top down”—it can also occur from the grassroots. This section features alternative forms of economy and social action that come out of local planning and movements.
Kenneth Bailey, DS4SI
Christoph Shaefer
Chido Govera
Alfredo Brillembourg, Urban Think Tank
2:20 PM: short film
2:30 PM
Moderated by Mary Jane Jacob
Beyond its physical realities, the city is often a muse to its citizens. Flaneurs do not necessarily resist or build, but instead take inspiration from the evolving social conditions and innate tensions of the built environment.
Tony Chakar
Vito Acconci
Althea Thauberger
The Amanda Weil Lecture Open Call Winner
3:25 PM
Day one closing remarks
Anne Pasternak

Vancouver discussion: Thoughts on the Day

4:15pm wrap

Ted Purves: Keynote

Day 2:     Vancouver: Social Practice and the City
St. Francis Xavier School
428 Great Northern Way, Vancouver

8:30    Doors open for registration

9:30    Welcome

9:45    Larry Grant: Welcome and Context for site

10:15    Justin Langlois Panel – Allison Collins, Shaun Dacey, Brian McBay/Michelle Fu

11:30    Lunch – FOOD CARTS

12:00    artists projects on GNW

2pm    Welcome back and Introductions

2:15    Kamala Todd and Oliver Kellhammer

3:00    Moderated open discussion

3:45    Ted Purves, closing ‘witness’ comments