2016 Feb 16 - 2:15pm - 2016 Feb 17 - 12:45am



I will be giving a number of talks at OTIS in one day in good old Los Angeles.

The main talk (see OTIS website for details) will happen at @ 11:00 am in THE FORUM, 9045 Lincoln Blvd, Los Angeles. This will beopen to the public and free. This talk will be  a survey of my work in the context of Climate Change and the Anthropocene with an emphasis on the strategy of 'botanical intervention.' Also, I'm trying to get people interested in the complexities of the Anthropocenic landscape and will discuss the biodiversity and geomorphology of industrial wastelands and the significance of these landscapes as sites of regeneration and as internalized territiories of our optical subconscious.


That same evening, I will be presenting a modified version of the above at Elektra Grant's Human Ecologies class which meets from 7-945p in the Ahmanson Bldg, room 309.