Dictionary of the Possible - Animal

2015 Nov 21 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm

On Saturday, November 21st, Terike Haapoja and Oliver Kellhammer will lead a discussion on the keyword, “Animal.” The question of the place and status of non-human beings has become increasingly politicized over the past few years. The discussion will focus on the concept of the animal as a boundary-making tool, asking what kind of reality this boundary creates for humans and non-humans alike. Furthermore, we will consider how altering that boundary would change our world. Who are the “animals”? What defines them? Is there a universal category of the “animal”, or do different cultures have diverse conceptions of animality? Finally, how can we see beyond the normalized boundary between us and them and establish more ethical ways of co-existence?


Parsons, University Center, Room U-312, 63 5th Avenue, New York