Grafters X Change:

2019 Mar 29 - 11:00pm - 2019 Mar 31 - 9:00pm

Grafters X Change: Branches and Networks

Grafters X Change: is an interdisciplinary event that brings together a range of artists, ecologists, fruit tree enthusiasts, and technologists from the New York region to exchange branches and seeds, conduct workshops, and offer demonstrations. Ecological artists, social practice artists, digital artists, academics from related fields, students, sustainability advocates, regional tree growers, and agroforesters offer complimentary resources and workshops that deepen creative resiliency. Participants learn about ecological art practices and acquire ecological art skills, along with local tree knowledge, propagation resources, propagation techniques, and distributed network technologies, which in turn advance local knowledge and regional sustainability.


Grafters X Change: Branches and Networks is a two-day event on March 29th and 30th 2019. allows eco-artists throughout Central New York to converge and to share ecological art-making resources (primarily scionwood and seeds), skills, fruit foods, and art projects in a collaborative, DIY, and interdisciplinary setting. This event includes workshops and demonstrations from bioregional agriculturists and technologists and is meant to be an example of how 21st-century arts practice can intervene in interrelated conversations about local resiliency, the anthropocene, and climate change.


Grafters X Change manifests as

- scion branch and seed exchange for eco-artists and agriculturalists

- hands-on demonstrations and workshops

- roundtable discussions

- walking tours

- tabloid publication

- a 'living lab’ as pedagogical tool across Colgate curricula.

 Friday, March 29 at 10:00am to 4:00pm

 Paul J. Schupf Studio Arts Center 3 Montgomery Street, Hamilton NY