Agrikultura 2017

2017 Jul 1 (All day) - 2017 Aug 27 (All day)


A version of the Neo-Eocene project will be recreated in Malmo, Sweden by local artists including Robert Ek as part of the 2017 Agrikultura Triennal. The plantings of prehistorically native trees (Metasequoia and Ginkgo) will be arranged in a spiral fashion reminiscent of the thermal vortexes whose frequency and intensity will be increased under the conditions of anthropogenic global warming. The form also mirrors the holding patterns of aircraft waiting to land at the nearby Copenhagen airport and it will be clearly visible from the sky, allowing the travelling public to reflect on the climatalogicial future that is unfolding beneath them


As much of the northern hemisphere is predicted to increase in average temperature by over 4 degrees C, the trees chosen for the plantings were chosen because they were last native during the  Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, some 55 million years ago, which was the last time the planet was as warm as it is slated to get within the next 100 years.


The plantings from the ground will look something like this in a few decades, but arranged en masse in the spiral fashion.