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Science of Soil

2015 May 16 - 1:00pm - 4:00pm




Sponsored by Sanctuary for Independent Media:

workshop happenening at the L-Lot, 3303 6th Ave. North Troy, NY


As part of my ongoing research into remediating contaminated soils, I am co-presenting a hands-on workshop with my NY state colleagues: permaculturalist Scott Kellogg (of Radix Sustainability Center), farmer and food activist Rebeka Rice and scientist Kate Meierdiercks of Siena College , who will be collecting soil samples to test in the college's X-Ray Fluorescence analyzer. This instrument is very sensitive and can be used to detect heavy metal contamination in both soils and plant tissue.

  • 1:00-2:15 Session 1: How to test your soil, with Scott Kellogg, Oliver Kellhammer, Rebeka Rice and Kate Meierdiercks

    *Bring a soil sample from your garden!

  • 2:45-4:00 Session 2: Bio-remediation, with Scott Kellogg, Oliver Kellhammer, Rebeka Rice and Kate Meierdiercks

No Free Lunch

2015 Apr 17 - 4:00pm - 2015 Apr 18 - 7:00pm



I'm attending this event organized by my dear friends Marina Zurkow and Stefani Bardin of ITP

ITP at NYU.  721 Broadway - 4th Floor

Mapping the Food System

We’re going to collectively build a working and workable map connecting issues around the food system, and new interventions to not only mitigate for climate change but also offer new ways of thinking about eating and distribution.


Berlin Research Trip 2015

2015 Feb 25 (All day) - 2015 Mar 25 (All day)


Another stint in old Berlin to research landscape design using ruderal ecologies and to catch up on some writing projects.

Dear Climate Opening @ Sanctuary for Independent Media

2014 Nov 11 - 5:00pm - 9:00pm

Marina Zurkow and I are hosting a reading/exhibition/discussion of a selection of texts from our 'Dear Climate' project, done in collaboration with our dear pals Fritz Ertl and Una Chaudhuri.

This should be an amazing and fun event and we so look forward to hanging out with our friend Kathy High and the rest of the gang from the Sanctuary for Independent Media.


Here is a link to the event:

Renga for the Fifth Season

2014 Sep 22 - 9:00am - 2014 Sep 27 - 11:00pm




Thanks Ann Chen and Davey Field of the Nomadic Department of the Interior,  I was invited to a residency at Phats Valley on Cape Cod Massachusetts in collaboration with my dear friends Liz Ellsworth and Jamie Kruse of Smudge Studio on the topic of 'Disturbance Ecologies.' 

In the spirit of Thoreau and Basho, we spent our time soujourning and microvisioning across the landscape of the Cape, over dunes, along beaches, tidal marshes, jetties, parking lots and coffee shops, investigating and reflecting on changes in vegetation, climate and culture and writing collaborative renga poetry. Our stay at the picturesque Phats Valley house culiminated in a public renga party, in which a number of guests wrote renga together on large scrolls of paper pinned to the side of the building.

Smudge's wonderful posting on the event can be found here:

I wrote a short essay on some of our discoveries, discursions and experiences here:


Floating Studio for Dark Ecologies

2014 Jul 30 - 9:00am - 2014 Aug 3 - 10:00pm


Will be collaborating with my pal Marina Zurkow on her Floating Studio for Dark Ecologies project in old PDX, exploring biosemiotics, ruderal ecologies and potential strategies for remediation... It turned out  guaranteed to be a wild and fun time.

Also instrumental in making this happen was The Last Attempt at Greatness and The Nomadic Department of the Interior as well as Carol Stakenas of Bennington College. 

Blog Posting on this and my previous investigations into the brownfields of North Troy, NY.


2014 Jul 22 - 10:00am - 2014 Jul 25 - 4:00pm





As part of an ongoing collaboration, artists Kathy High and Oliver Kellhammer will embark on an investigation of Troy New York's former industrial lands - areas often referred to as brownfields or ruderal ecologies (from the Latin ‘rudus’ meaning ‘ruin’.)

Far from being abject places defined only by their abandonment, these zones are sites of novel ecological processes and vibrant new assemblages, adaptations and agencies, where nature is rapidly evolving to colonize the debris and disturbance our species has left behind.

Using methodologies of field research and the bio-lab, industrial archeology, documentary filmmaking and permaculture, the artists will delve into the fascinating world of ruderal Troy, observing and cataloging as well as developing locally appropriate strategies for its decontamination and reintegration into the human life of the city.

(Some Details)

We will tour 'emergent forests' where native and exotic trees co-mingle as they break up pavement and concrete, observe birds and insects for whom ruined factories and overgrown parking lots stand in for cliffs and savannah habitats and go bio-prospecting for 'hyperaccumulators' - plants and other organisms that absorb toxins such as heavy metals and hydrocarbons from their environment. Back at the 'L' lot, our plan is to uncover and record layers of deposition and disturbance to further our understanding of the history of the land as well as experiment with cover crops and mycelial mulches as potential strategies for detoxifying polluted soil.

This work is made possible by the NatureLab initiative of the Sanctuary for Independent Media in North Troy, New York. Stay tuned for more detailed information on dates for public workshops and guided field explorations.

More info HERE


BLOG POSTING on this and my subsequent excursions to the brownfield habitats along Portland's Williamette River.

Sanctuary for Independent Media

2014 Mar 19 - 6:00pm - 7:00pm


Some of the images from my 'botanical interventions' projects are in a show at the
Sanctuary for Independent Media in North Troy, New York.
Wednesday, March 19, 2014 -  6 - 7pm
"Ecological Interventions” features two internationally renowned environmental artists who care deeply about out ecology and our future, Brandon Ballengée (US) and Oliver Kellhammer (Canada). Their projects explore how we as citizens of the world can change our environmental impact. 
Curated by Kathy High.
Here is a link to the Sanctuary's page: 







Berlin Research Trip

2014 Mar 15 - 9:00am - 2014 Mar 28 - 9:00am




I returned to Berlin after 30 years absence to research ruderal ecologies as well as to contextualize my complex relationship to all things German. 


BLOG POSTING on some of my observations there.



Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York

2014 Mar 6 - 4:00pm - 6:00pm


I'm giving a talk at Kathy HIgh's Science Fictions class which meets on 

Thursday  March 6 4-6pm, RPI, West Hall, Rm 211 - open to all!!!


Here is the RPI link for the event: