Renga for the Fifth Season

2014 Sep 22 - 12:00pm - 2014 Sep 28 - 2:00am




Thanks Ann Chen and Davey Field of the Nomadic Department of the Interior,  I was invited to a residency at Phats Valley on Cape Cod Massachusetts in collaboration with my dear friends Liz Ellsworth and Jamie Kruse of Smudge Studio on the topic of 'Disturbance Ecologies.' 

In the spirit of Thoreau and Basho, we spent our time soujourning and microvisioning across the landscape of the Cape, over dunes, along beaches, tidal marshes, jetties, parking lots and coffee shops, investigating and reflecting on changes in vegetation, climate and culture and writing collaborative renga poetry. Our stay at the picturesque Phats Valley house culiminated in a public renga party, in which a number of guests wrote renga together on large scrolls of paper pinned to the side of the building.

Smudge's wonderful posting on the event can be found here:

I wrote a short essay on some of our discoveries, discursions and experiences here: