Life at the Edges at Science Gallery Dublin

2018 Jun 22 - 12:00pm - 2018 Sep 30 - 8:00pm


Some of my worm-eaten 'Philosopher's Stones' will be appearing at the Science Gallery in Dublin in an arrangement entitled 'Plastivore.'


Here is the description of the exhibition:

How do things survive in outer space, on the bottom of the ocean or inside volcanoes? Why do extreme environments excite our imagination and our drive to explore? How do inhospitable environs inspire new technologies, designs and methods?

From terraforming planets to tracking microbes on geothermal vents, this exhibition will explore LIFE AT THE EDGES. Who are the scientists and designers preparing for a future of frontier living and what might we find living in the most unexpected places like lava tubes, Antarctic mountaintops, or Martian permafrost? Will humans ever inhabit the moons of Saturn or the deep sea, or have we already contaminated the last frontiers with space junk, plastic gyres and invasive species?